Calling all sirens! Our mission is to consciously advance the status of female artists, while making the world a more beautiful place with alluring, next-level artwork.

Project Mermaid Cove is a special endeavor. We believe above all else, achieving equality in the art world means women are freely expressing themselves…

Will require a lab-like mentality and lots of compassionate empathy.

Try it yourself or follow along as I leverage design skills + data visualization exercises to dig into the tough issues — like sexism, racism and classism. Interested? Read on…

Photo by Alex Guillaume on Unsplash

Here’s how it will work:

  1. The List: At the bottom of the article, I compiled a starter list of tough issues that cover sexism, racism…


The must have guidebook for designers looking to find a better way forward for their contributions, their career, and their profession.

The Designer’s Guide to Product Vision (Peachpit, 2020)

Today, design is a critical business competency, and designers need to play a leadership role. This guide helps you transform yourself into a strategic designer and take your seat at the table where key decisions are made. …

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

Moving beyond the identity crisis, clarifying the role change and harnessing that newfound power.

Opening Note: Thank you for all the support! Especially Don Norman, taking the time to engage (on the LinkedIn post of this same article) offer truly encouraging constructive feedback & kind words of support. Super grateful.

In their article, The Definition of User Experience (UX), Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen…

Laura Fish

Designer & Artist

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